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At Eddy Floor Tools, we’ve been manufacturing
the best tools for removing floor coverings since 1991

  • Eddy 91 Inc. is established in 1991 in Sorel, Quebec to manufacture special purpose tools for the floor preparation sector.

    The Eddy Floor Scraper is one of the first tools developped and manufactured by Eddy 91 Inc. and ever since is the flag ship product of the company. Later on, the company diversified it’s product line by manufacturing the orbital sanders. Development of an orbital sander with an integrated vacuum system was a breakthrouhg at the time.


  • In 1999, Eddy Floor Scraper Inc. is established in Hallandale, Florida to better serve the US customers.


  • In 2007, following an ownership change, Eddy 91 Inc. relocated to Nicolet, Quebec.


  • In 2012, after years of research and development, Eddy developped another innovative tool, the Eddy Tile Breaker, to address one other untapped market, the demolision sector.

    This helped Eddy transform to a dynamic market oriented global company. The Eddy Tile Breaker is now sold in four continents.


  • In 2018, following to changing the hands, Eddy has been re-branded as Eddy Floor Tools.

    With an aggrassive strategic direction, the global expansion of Eddy Floor Tools and expansion of the product line are currently underway.


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CEO and President

Adel Partovi

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VP Sales and Business Development

Alfred Rostomian

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Customer Service

Christina Kirouac

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Accounts Receivable

Christiane St-Louis

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Business Development

Paul Chapman

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R&D / New Products

We are constantly improving and upgrading our products and introducing new products to our portfolio. Please check our website regularly to stay tuned of our latest developments.

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