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Chris: This machine makes my life and my workers lives so much easier. It’s great to get into corners and small spaces. Could not live without this machine!!
Pros: Sturdy, Looks Great, Effective

Hot knife through butter

Robert: Fantastic little machine that does a lot more than its small size. I have a large family room (almost 500 Sq Feet) with glued down vinyl tile. This little dynamo is cutting it off the floor like a hot knife through butter. I never did a floor like this before, so I’m thrilled that it’s going so well and so fast. For more info, call the office. You’ll get up front honest answers.

I loved it so much …

Brendan: I did not buy this but instead rented it from my local store. I loved it so much I wanted to write a review to help others. I was trying to remove 3/16″ vinyl tiles that where glued down to concrete. Doing it with a hand scrapper was not working because they where bonded very well. Took me two hours to do 10 sqft by hand. I rented this unit and in 2-3 hours I had finished 600 sqft. It really worked well and I was very happy with my rental of this unit. It is back breaking work to do it by hand, due to constantly bending over.
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Some differences of carpet vs carpet tile

February 19, 2021

The carpet most of us are familiar with come in shape of role it is also called broad loom.   they come in rolls of 12-15 food wide, where installers cut to size to cover rooms wall to wall. They are usually installed with padding also called underlayment.   Traditionally they are glued to the […]


Porcelain vs Ceramic Tiles

February 19, 2021

The basic difference between the two is the density. Porcelain tiles have a higher density and are harder than their ceramic counterparts. This is due to their manufacturing process and material composition. Porcelain tiles are denser than ceramic because they are made of finer clay, they are compacted at higher pressures and are backed at […]