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Proven Innovation


US Patent No. 4779301 CA Patent No. 1300832

A scraper for removing material, adhered to a surface, in strips. The scraper has a front scraping edge and at least one cutting edge at one end of the scraping edge. The cutting edge extends generally transverse to the scraping edge.

Scraper adaptor for rotary buffer

US Patent No. 4821357 CA Patent No. 1255858

A removable adaptor for a power-operated rotary implement, comprises a circularly vibrating lower plate. When a blade is attached to this plate, an efficient scraper is provided for removal of adhered materials, such as old under-carpets. Past scrapers relying on longitudinal reciprocal motion have suffered from underpowering and jamming. These problems are avoided by the present invention.

Powered Tile Breaker

US Patent No. 10590668 CA Patent No. 2911896

A powered tile breaker has an adjustable frame and the frame is further comprised of a handlebar member, a foldable shaft, a base member, and wheels. The base member holds a chiseling assembly which comprises a main electric motor located inside a motor casing. The motor powers a chisel member. The chiseling assembly is angularly adjustable by way of an actuator member which consists in a secondary electric motor driving a piston. The piston has one end rotationally connected to the base member, and the actuator member is rotationally connected to a lever member which extends from the chiseling assembly and which connects at a pivot point.